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Christie Edwards

Christie is a SC Licensed Massage Therapist #7909

Hello there! My name is Christie Edwards. I am a wife and mother of three, and have lived in the York County area for most of my life. I began as a client at Serenity Therapeutic Massage in 2009. Every two weeks, I saw Charlene Hracs. During one of our early sessions, I told her that I had wanted to be a massage therapist when I was a little girl. It was Charlene who inspired me to follow my dreams from long ago and to go back to school. In November of 2011, I graduated within the top five percent of my class at Southeastern Institute. By December of 2011, I was a Licensed Massage Therapist. I began working with Serenity Therapeutic Massage at that time, moving from a client to a colleague.

I specialize in helping people with chronic pain and postural issues, utilizing several different modalities during sessions. I’m also notorious for giving my clients “homework” in the form of stretches and at-home therapy that they can do to continue their healing process. I have a passion for learning and I’m always reading up on a new technique, or inviting some of my regular clients to try something different with me. My techniques range from general relaxation to neuromuscular therapies and deep tissue work, as well as stretching and joint mobilization.

I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to work with Charlene, Vicki, Amanda, Anna, and Eric. Having experienced their kindness and healing touch first-hand, I know that I am working with people who share in my beliefs and desires to help others.