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Spa Therapies Offered

Our pure therapeutic essential oils will soothe your nerves and melt your muscle tension away. This can be coupled with the massage of your choice.

Hot Rock Massage:
An unforgettable experience, beyond the typical massage. Deep penetrating heat from smooth basalt river rocks are used to relieve tense muscles & sore joints – this ancient art of thermo-therapy creates calming & healing responses for the body, mind and soul.

Paraffin Dip:
Using warmed wax (another thermo-therapy)dipping hands, feet, elbows or knees can bring relief to sore joints and bring the benefit of smooth skin to the experience. $6.00/$10.00

Smooth Step Foot Massage:
Combination foot bath & foot massage using our special blend of bath salts to soothe those feet. $35.00

Ear Coning:
Ancient Native American treatment for the painless removal of ear wax – very soothing and relaxing. (1 hour sessions only). $45.00

Premier Sculpting Body Wrap:
We are the only therapy office in a 50 mile radius to offer this exclusive service. With 8-90 minute Full Body Massage Cupping Sessions (in 4 weeks time) to complete the transformation from frumpy to fabulous! Let us help your body whittle inches off, have better skin tone and texture and achieve your optimum health and wellbeing.